Welcome to the finest collection of essential oils and blends available anywhere!

Each of our single essential oils are pure, high quality and organic when possible. You now have a size choice when ordering single essential oils and Indian oils! Most are available in 5 ML, 15 ML (1/2 ounce), 30 ML (1 ounce) and 60 ML (2 ounce) sizes.  Order 30 ML and save 15%; order 60 ML and save 25%!

Introducing YOGA FLOW ESSENTIAL TEAS!  In ayurvedic medicine, herbal teas and essential oils work synergistically to promote healing and balance. 

Our Essential Blends, Sprays, Tea and Massage Oils are hand blended to order by Susan Wasserman, certified aromatherapist, yoga therapist and ayurvedic clinical consultant. For yoga studios and other retailers, bulk pricing is available for these products. Please contact us for more information.

Would you like to try a single oil or Essential Blend? Request a sample with your order-limit is 2 samples per order.

Please contact us if you do not see an oil you are looking for or are interested in a custom blend or perfume.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area, visit us at Yoga Flow Lifestyle Center, where we offer individualized instruction in the art of living yoga!